The Laroche Approach

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The Laroche Approach is a workshop that teaches dance technique and how to sustain a livelihood as a dancer.  The seminar to prepare aspiring artists to have freelance careers. 

 Student Testimonials

Photo credit by Dirty Sugar                    BDC Shops

Photo credit by Dirty Sugar                    BDC Shops

"This seminar was super informative and relevant. It is so important to hear what we probably should be doing and looking out for…" UB Senior


"REALLY helpful. Nice overview of what to expect in the professional world. Information of unions, agencies...Truly so great." UB senior 


"This talk back was a very informative eye-opener into what different jobs are out there." UB Senior


"So much wonderful info and specific inside tips and hints that I didn't know...Such as what to bring to auditions, signs of someone who is not a professional yet…" UB Senior


"..It was extremely helpful as a junior (in college) to know these things before going into my senior year. The different sections and topics helped me sift through possible opportunities. Thank you!" UB senior


"Super informative. This was a great way to see the industry in its totality. The honesty is refreshing and encouraging." UB Senior

It was great to finally get some names to research and go off of" UB senior


"Very informative and full of every aspect of the business! Thank you so much, I feel like I know more and am more relaxed." UB Senior


"Great. So informational" UB Senior


"Very informative, well thought out sequencing…" UB Senior


BDC Shops                                                                                     Photo credit by Dirty Sugar

BDC Shops                                                                                     Photo credit by Dirty Sugar

"Great speaker with lots of knowledge." UB Senior






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