The Laroche Approach

Workshops and seminars

The Laroche Approach is a workshop that teaches dance technique and how to sustain a livelihood as a dancer.  The seminar to prepare aspiring artists to have freelance careers. 

To book a dream role is when passion, talent and opportunity collide. Artists are more than dream chasers. We’re the courageous ones who brave the chance to share our gift with the world.

"I created the Laroche Approach because I know how pivotal a mentorship from a working artist is while one  pursues a career in the arts.   I  hope to not only encourage but to educate talented artists who want to be a triple-threat & manage their own careers, brands, and businesses."- Jenny Laroche

My Approach is a technique that gives artists:

  • Confidence

  • Stage presence

  • Quality in movement; tell stories thru song & dance

  • Knowledge in budgeting & marketing

  • Guidance along every audition they pursue


One-on-one privates are catered to the artist.  Jenny will help you book your dream job. Together, you will create a plan, build your technique, and strategize your path to a healthy career.

We create storytellers that stay booked!





The Laroche Approach seminar is 90 minute sit-down class.

The seminar involves budgeting, networking, audition protocols, resume building and essential career techniques. Learn it from someone who lives it!

Q&A Included.


Packages consisting of both The Laroche Approach workshop & seminar are available upon request.



90-120 minute master class

The Laroche Approach workshop for  dancers.

Become a better dancer and learn HOW to audition. ! 

  Singers, as a vocalist we have a tendency to stiffen up when we are asked to dance to portray a character. The Laroche Approach allows you to be comfortable in your own skin & on stage & on- camera. 


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