The Laroche Approach

dance workshop and seminar

The Laroche Approach is a workshop that teaches dance technique and how to sustain a livelihood as a dancer.  The seminar to prepare aspiring artists to have freelance careers. 

The Laroche Approach is a workshop for  dancers that breaks them into the performance industry. Students learn how to sustain a livelihood and maintain a long-term career as  performing artist.  The seminar portion of the workshop offers techniques and business prep allowing its student to become in charge of their own career! 

Artist of a dance background often train at the ballet barre and on stage, advancing in technique and performance quality, yet in the preparation to becoming a freelance employee, sustaining livlihood between jobs, or acquiring jobs, is not something taught or even discussed. Yet this is critical in the survival of a dancer.

  The seminar specifies budgeting, networking, audition protocols, resume building and essential career techniques. Who better than to learn the ins and outs of a dancers' professional career than from an actual professional dancer! 

The Laroche Approach, created by award-winning Jenny Laroche, is always taught by a professional currently performing in different capacities of the entertainment industry including film, television, and theatre. With this seminar, pre-professional students gain valuable insight that is genuine, accurate, and most importantly, current! Students  ask questions about the professional entertainment industry and gain a leg-up, so to speak, on how to have a successful career. 

The Laroche Approach workshop is  not just a master class, but masters the art of nailing auditions through different dance combinations (of all genres) that are equivilant to those learned at broadway, television, and film auditions. 

Packages consisting of both The Laroche Approach workshop & seminar are available upon request.

The Laroche Approach also offers one-on-one sessions that create and assess a specific career plan for the pre-professional artist. Artists get to sit down with the fabulous Jenny Laroche and learn about show business, the career they may want to pursue and how to get there. With Jenny's knowledge, professional experiences and background, she guides her students on the path to success! If you are a dancer, singer, and/or actress and don't want to be pigeonholed as just one, this program is exactly what you've been waiting for! We create true storytellers here that stay booked!


"The Laroche Approach provides essential career advice and guidance to pre-professional performers pursuing a career in the entertainment  industry.  I  hope to encourage and educate talented students about the career they are pursuing through the eyes of  successful working individuals. Everyone deserves to pursue their passion!"- Jenny Laroche



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